Trouble Brewing

This short film was made in collaboration with Ben Watts and Matthew Bamber


Ben wrote:
“A dockyard worker becomes the unwitting champion of a workers revolt as a ship yard is brought to it’s knees over its foul tasting tea…

A nine minute film of found footage, live action and puppetry to visualize an absurd narrated poem. ‘You write something. I’ll make some puppets. He’ll do the scenery’ – That was all that was said by artist Paul Dodgson to writer Ben Watts and artist Matthew Bamber. The script was handed over to Paul and Matthew without any discussion as to what to do with it, and only seen by the writer on completion. The resulting work sits somewhere between German expressionism and a 1970s British public service broadcast…”

Bio – Ben Watts is a writer of short and feature films based in Manchester.
Matthew Bamber’s practice encompasses video, drawing, sound, sculpture and installation. I have exhibited my work nationally and internationally. Earlier this year he undertook a two month residency at Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, Poland

Since 2012 he has been developing a project using video recordings of windows taken from inside places of cultural interest. Other recent work includes a site responsive video work examining the the role of business spaces in shaping the lives of those that inhabit them through everyday “office politics.”